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Sing As We Go Song Sheet

Online Catalogue | Miscellaneous 4 |  Sing As We Go Song Sheet

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Sing As We Go Song Sheet

Sing As We Go Song Sheet

Sing As We Go (from the film "Sing As We Go" featuring Gracie Fields) [Sheet music]

'Sing As We Go' was a lively, entertaining comedy which underpinned the growing
popularity of Oracle Fields as a film star; a mixture of north country music
hall humour and happy-go-lucky sentiment. That was 1934. 70 years on and a
telling sub-text appears, making it all but a documentary of British life and
hardship in the 30s depression.

J. B. Priestley, whose novels 'Angel Pavement' and 'The Good Companions'
chronicled the years between the two world wars, wrote the screen play. The
HARRY PARR DAVIES title song was its heart beat.

Gracie Fields is the Lancashire mill-girl thrown out of work by an industrial
strike, who cycles her way to temporary employment among the holiday crowds at
Blackpool. The laughs, and tears, come as she bungles her way through jobs as
chambermaid, fortune teller, a singer and as a human spider falling into the
Tower Circus water tank. The strike ends as Grade leads the mill-girls back
through the factory gates with the song 'Sing As We Go'. It was a defining

Basil Dean directed 'Sing As We Go' and in the cast were John Loder, Dorothy
Flyson and Stanley Holloway.

HARRY PARR DAVIES' title song march become an anthem for the unemployed. As a
schoolboy in Neath, South Wales he had written an end-of-term musical with 'Sing
As We Go' in the score. Spruced up for Gracie Fields the song's success cemented
their relationship as performer and accompanist and its brass band swagger
demands it is heard as much today as in 1934.

(Information from www.newsongsforold.co.uk)

Condition well worn

Price: 5.00


Online Catalogue | Miscellaneous 4 |  Sing As We Go Song Sheet

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