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Fashion icons past and present

Flapper Design Tie

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Flapper Design Tie

Flapper Design Tie

This great tie is from C&A.The tie is black with gold coloured polka dots. The pattern is that of a 1920's flapper girl with turquoise flowers. (see close up)
100% polyester which means that you do not need to get it dry cleaned as it is hand washable (probably fine on a delicate machine wash)
Length 57 inches
Widest point 4.5inches
Condition Good

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C & A Ltd, clothing retailers and manufacturers, was founded by Clemens and August Brenninkmeyer in Sneek, Holland, in 1841. Their descendants continued to serve with the firm in Great Britain. The first British store opened on 376/384 Oxford Street and Bird Street in 1922 (this store was completely destroyed by a German bomb in November 1940). The company aimed to produce a wide range of quality, affordable clothing, backed by large scale newspaper and magazine advertising and attractive window and in-store displays. The firm rapidly expanded during the 1920s and 1930s; stores opened in Liverpool in 1924, Birmingham in 1926, Manchester in 1928, and Leeds and Glasgow in 1929. The first C & A factory commenced production at Wilson Street, London, in 1928, but demand quickly outstripped production, and a larger factory was opened at Goswell Road in 1930. The first suburban store was opened in Peckham, South London, in 1930; new stores in Kensington, Sheffield and Newcastle opened in 1932, and in Edinburgh and Southampton in 1936. In March 1939, a third C & A store opened on Oxford Street; this was a huge flagship store named 'Hereford House', located near Marble Arch. Following World War Two, new designs in women's fashion combined with increasing consumer spending power allowed further expansion of the company in the British market. Three new shops opened during 1946-1947, seven between 1952-1959, rising to twenty between 1960-1969, and twelve in the period 1970-1972.

During the 1990s trading difficulties grew, as competition from other clothing retailers intensified on the high street, with the company attempting to attract consumers who were disinclined to spend as freely as in the 1980s. In June 2000, the company announced that it would cease trading in the UK. Most of the 109 British stores closed in January 2001, with the last British stores at Bradford and Hounslow closing in May 2001. The C & A group, based in Brussells, continues to operate some 500 stores in eleven other European countries.

Close Up
Close Up

Online Catalogue | Recently Sold Items |  Flapper Design Tie

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